Validation Workshop - Atwima Mponua

The Resource Conservation Initiative (RESCONI) has organised validation workshops in the Asutifi North and Atwima Mponua Districts to present the findings of a research aimed to address the complex issues surrounding land use for mining, agriculture, and forest utilization in Ghana.

This forms part of the activities to be undertaken in the latest research project, "SUPPORT TO PROMOTE COMMUNITY RESILIENCE AND RIGHTS IN COMPETING LAND USE FOR MINING, AGRICULTURE, AND FOREST UTILIZATION IN GHANA." This ambitious initiative aimed to address the complex issues surrounding land use for mining, agriculture, and forest utilization in Ghana, with a specific focus on the Asutifi North and Atwima Mponua Districts.

Research and Validation: The RESCONI team conducted extensive research in the Asutifi North and Atwima Mponua Districts, meticulously gathering data and insights from the local communities and stakeholders. After rigorous validation, the research findings were presented during workshops in both districts. These workshops provided a platform for stakeholders to engage with the research, share their concerns, and collaborate on potential solutions.

Stakeholder Engagement: Stakeholders from diverse backgrounds and interests participated in these crucial workshops. Notable figures present at the Atwima Mponua District workshop included Nana Anim Dankwah (Representative from Kenyase No. I Traditional Council) serving as the chairman, and Nana Yeboah Asiamah, Chief of Gambia NO. 2, as the co-chair. Additionally, the event saw the participation of the Municipal Chief Executive for Asutifi North, representatives from the Environmental Protection Agency, Ghana Education Service, Cocobod, Assembly Members, the National Commission on Civic Education, small-scale miners, and indigenes of the communities under the district.

Brainstorming for Solutions: Stakeholders were grouped into three distinct categories to brainstorm solutions for the concerns raised during the workshops. The goal was to foster collaboration, share expertise, and develop a collective understanding of the issues at hand. The innovative ideas and insights generated during these sessions will be compiled into a comprehensive policy brief.

This project represents a critical step toward enhancing community resilience and ensuring the protection of rights in the face of complex land use challenges in Ghana. RESCONI is committed to promoting sustainable and inclusive practices in the sectors of mining, agriculture, and forest utilization. Stay tuned for more updates and the forthcoming policy brief, which will offer a roadmap for a more resilient and equitable future in Ghana's land use practices.

Workshop Pictures