Who We are

    RESCONI is concerned with environmental awareness creation, climate change mitigation and adaptation, sustainability challenges of the extractive sectors, conservation and protection of threatened ecosystems, developing the potential of local communities to minimize land and natural resource use, advocacy to establish the rights of the rural poor and the marginalized in policy and decision making.

    RESCONI works alongside industry players, state agencies, local government institutions, NGOs and local communities to help them understand and address their sustainability challenges, and bridge their differences towards effective and integrated solutions.


To work towards sustainable mining and forestry sectors that protects the rights and interest of impacted communities.


To work to place the interest and rights of fringe communities at the centre of natural resource policy and management.


To promote good management of mining and forestry sectors for the benefit of impacted, affected and fringe communities.

Aims and Objectives

i. To secure the livelihood of the forest fringe communities.
ii. To build the capacity of the local populace and other relevant public and private sector entities towards sustainable natural resource utilization and development.
iii. To empower the marginalized interest-based and forest fringe communities in decision-making and policy formulation.
iv. To advocate for community education and promote research on natural resource extraction and conservation.